“… some testimonies that pastor Mabamba gave me some hopes and made me believe that God is still doing miracles. I asked my pastor if he can find time to visit my son and pray for him…”

“… epilepsy started right when he was two years of age. We were told that it cannot be cured with hospital medicines, so we opted for herbal treatment and after a couple of months all as right. When he turned 12 this problem returned severely…” Samweli’s mother opens up to speak about a health issue that has troubled her son for over ten years now. She goes on in narrating that, “… Samweli would fall down and become unconscious for ten to thirty minutes. When he wakes up he would bruised on different parts of his body and weak. There are days that he would fall down up to seven times and in each time he would hit himself on a hard surface. That made him have injuries on his face and head in general…”

Samweli Bahati is 22 years young man who has suffered for years from epilepsy and its effect. He could not continue with his secondary school education because there are times that he would fall and go unconscious many times in day, and in a week and therefore he could not concentrate on his studies. Teachers recommended that he is written off school until when his health resumes back to normal. Samweli was labeled bad names by his mates at school and in class. He has been hit by cars and motorbikes several times because his health situation would just change in a second and he would fall down and go unconscious.
Pastor Hezron Mabamba of Wisegere Mission point was connected to this young man by his mother; the lady is a third person to be led to Jesus by the pastor in Wisegere. And as they were sharing life stories and how God intervened in different situations. This mama was so encouraged and she thought of her son, Samweli.
Samweli prayed to accept Jesus Christ in January, 2018. Pastor Hezron Mabamba started to visit him at home 3 days a week and read the word of God together then pray together. God has been so merciful, Samweli has experienced the epileptic situation less frequent as compared to last year and some years back. In the whole of January he fell down and went unconscious 3 times the whole month; In February he experienced it one time; March the health challenge occurred 4 times the whole month and in April he did not experience that problem – which is not normal for him.
Samweli is thankful to God that at last they have a church on a walking distance. For him what God has done so far on his health is a miracle that he celebrates. Samweli has a prayer need that God heals him completely from epilepsy so that He goes back to school to complete his studies. Samweli wants to join a Bible college and later serve God to minister to groups of people who are sick and disadvantaged.
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