Twelve21 Global currently has two schools in Bukabwa and Kome Island, Tanzania. Phase one of construction was completed in September of 2020, providing six classrooms at each location. We have plans of adding an additional twelve classrooms at each school. This will give us the needed room for each upcoming class as we work to provide education for kids in kindergarten through standard 8. 

By partnering with us through the construction fund, you are providing us with the necessary building materials, paint, compensation for the builders, and furniture for the classrooms. Thank you for helping us provide a safe environment for our students to learn.


Providing a path out of poverty through a Christ-centered education.

Giving someone an education is a dynamic way of changing the trajectory of their life forever. Without education, children are destined to continue a familial cycle of poverty and poor living conditions, simply because they have never been given the resources needed to know a better way. Through education, a door is opened to understand the world, people, and most importantly God. By educating children, we are changing the future of a nation, one community at a time. It is slow, methodical work, but the dividends are rich. Through education, students and their families will find their Hope in the name of Jesus (Matthew 12:21).

By supporting the Twelve21 Education Fund, you are providing opportunities for the gospel to be shared in our schools on Kome Island and in Bukabwa. Your support helps provide needed supplies for our classrooms, salaries for our teachers, and covers the day to day operation costs for the schools. By partnering with our education program, you are becoming an integral part in changing communities.


Poverty and poor health are linked, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. In most remote communities that we serve, access to adequate medical care is very limited, resulting in loss of life and a sense of hopelessness. Through providing basic medical care and education, we can greatly improve the quality of life for people in these communities. This also provides people with an opportunity to know that God loves them and shines the light of Hope even in the darkest circumstances (Matthew 12:21)

By partnering with Twelve21 Global in healthcare, you are providing opportunities for us to model Christ’s love by meet physical needs. Your support helps us provide healthcare to our students and teachers, ministry partners, and provides supplies needed for mobile medical clinics. Through healthcare, we are providing opportunities for people to hear the gospel. 

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