Enriching Spiritual Growth

My name is Emmanuel Magesa Makingi. I was born and raised in Bukabwa village. Prior to encountering Christ, danger and uncertainty ruled my life. My family relied on witch doctors for assistance. I engaged in reckless behaviour like excessive drinking and physical altercations.

But everything changed for the better in 2010 when I heard the Gospel of Christ. Since then, God’s grace has been abundantly present in my life, guiding me on a new path. I have had the privilege of being involved in various ministry endeavors which have enriched my spiritual growth and understanding of God’s Word.

I am incredibly grateful to have been selected as one of the Kabwa Bible translators. This opportunity allows me to both deepen my knowledge of God’s teachings and provide for my family. Being involved in translating the Bible is an honor as it allows me to contribute to the spiritual well-being of my community.

I hope that upon completing the translation work, I will be filled with a profound understanding of God and experience financial stability. I am dedicated to continuing my journey of faith, striving to impact others positively as I have been impacted myself.

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