Freedom From Torment

Indescribable pain. Unknown sources. Unending hopelessness. From childhood, Janet Juma lived a life of agony and darkness. Puzzled by the diseases riddling her child’s body, Janet’s mom became so desperate that she withdrew her daughter from school to seek the supposed healing of a local witch doctor.

She had great expectations that the witch doctor’s herbal treatment would put her child back on her feet; unfortunately, that was far from reality. “I would feel short-term changes, but the sickness would come back so strongly,” remembers Janet. With the pain becoming stronger rather than obsolete, Janet’s mother eventually brought her home.

While Janet suffered in pain, her mother continued to provide for her family the way she had for years—by making and selling alcohol. While her mother distributed moonshine to neighbors, Janet decided to visit Pastor Hezron, a pastor trained and equipped by Twelve21 Global.

From Pastor Hezron, Janet learned about the God who loved her so much. He sent His son Jesus to take her pain and die in her place. Struck by the message for the first time, Janet gave her life to Christ. Not only was Janet spiritually transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, but God also chose to heal her physical body as well. Janet was a new creation, set free from the strange diseases tormenting her life and now living a new life in Christ!

Overwhelmed with joy, Janet could not remain silent after experiencing what God had done for her. So, she started telling others, including her mother, about Christ. Janet knew her mother’s life could also be changed if only she would believe in Him. Though her mother did not immediately believe, Janet kept testifying what God had done and could do for others. Eventually, her mother too experienced the redemption of Christ and the life-change that accompanies it.

God continues to use Janet. She shares the love of Christ with her friends, community, and classmates. Having experienced freedom from the power of darkness, she desires for all to encounter true transformation through Jesus Christ. Her passion for reaching the lost prompted her to join a local Twelve21 Global mission trip recently. She spent a week solely focusing on sharing the gospel with those who had never heard.

Serving Christ brings great joy to Janet and her mother. They continue to grow in their relationship with God and regularly serve in their local church. No longer afflicted by pain and darkness, Janet shares the restoration God provides with anyone who will listen.

Every dollar you give helps us reach one more person like Janet. Would you consider giving today towards our work in Tanzania? I am deeply grateful for your partnership.

Yusuph Emmanuel.



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