I’ve Been Wrong

“I’ve been wrong!” Pastor Deo announced as he stood to his feet in the middle of class. During the 2018 pastors’ conference on Kome Island in Tanzania, we studied Ephesians together. While focusing on unity in the church, something struck a chord with Pastor Deo. Scripture convicted him of wrong-doing. Unashamedly, he stood and confessed.

Pastor Deo explained how he kicked forty people out of his church the prior year due to their sins. He wanted to make this right and vowed to invite them back.

In June of 2019, Howard, Tom, and I returned to Kome Island to conduct another pastors’ conference. We asked pastors and their wives to give an update on their ministries and explain how last year’s study affected their lives and/or ministries.

Pastor Deo jumped to his feet once again, eager to share. Over the past year he visited each person whom he kicked out, apologized, and invited them back to church. He told of one couple who decided to live together in an adulterous relationship. The man couldn’t afford the bride-price for marriage. Pastor Deo counseled them, led the girlfriend to Christ, and encouraged them to talk to her parents. After listening to the couple, her parents gave permission for them to marry without a bride-price. Pastor Deo joyfully officiated at their wedding this past March.

What a blessing to see Scripture changing lives among our pastor friends on Kome Island!


Written by Fran Joslin

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