Our Village Is Changed

My name is Rita Bwire. I am the secretary of our Migombani village government. I believe we are the luckiest people on Kome Island because we have Amani School in our village. An island is an isolated place, often overlooked by the government and citizens on the mainland. Kome Island is one such place. 

Our residents face challenges due to poor infrastructure and social services. Education is one of our greatest needs. We do not have enough schools, so our children walk a very long distance to school every day. Many children end up living miserable lives addicted to drugs or alcohol. Girls fall prey to early marriages, unexpected pregnancies, and prostitution. The high illiteracy rate thwarts community development. 

When Twelve21 Global blessed us with a school in our village, we found hope for ourselves and our children. The school provides jobs to community members who work the gardens. Many residents have turned to Jesus after hearing the Gospel. 

We also see the children’s transformation, both physical and spiritual. The students are obedient, focused, and hardworking, living according to God’s Word. They are not the same children we had at home before joining this school. Indeed, Twelve21 is training minds and shaping hearts. We parents are grateful and look forward to seeing more changes in our children’s lives.

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