Twelve21 is focused on transforming the world, one life at a time. We engage the unreached and unchurched and pair missions trips with long-term projects to ensure a lasting impact. In every village where we work, we have the goal of ensuring that both the spiritual and physical needs of the people are met. For this reason, we organize our work into the following four areas.

Mission Trips

Mission trips are opportunities for individuals and churches to share the gospel, meet physical needs, and empower new believers in previously unreached people groups and places around the world. Read more.


Education is the path out of poverty and a gift that influences the destiny of a child, their family, and the community. We partner with the local church to create child sponsorship programs to break the chronic cycle of poverty. Read more.


Poverty and poor health are often linked in a self-perpetuating cycle. In partnership with the local church, Twelve21 strives to break this cycle through immediate help to those that are sick and suffering as well as resources for a healthier and sustainable future. Read more.

Church Planting

In every village where we work, we help establish the first church and equip them to expand to also meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the community they are in. Read more.