Education is the path out of poverty and a gift that influences the destiny of a child, their family, and the community.

Children who are living on the streets, orphaned or with special needs children are especially vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation, and abuse. Oftentimes they are unable to attend school or receive an education. Twelve21 Global believes that every child deserves a better future. Working through the local church, we find child sponsorship to be an effective means for alleviating the chronic cycle of poverty and providing children HOPE for a better future.
Our focus is on raising, building and empowering children with a Christian world-view to impact their communities for the better.
Twelve21 will partner with local churches and schools in the areas we are working to sponsor children’s education. When children are sponsored, they will be provided with an opportunity to hear the gospel, receive education, food, clothing, a school uniform, medical care, and special needs support until the child becomes self-sufficient.