A Changed Life

A older grandfatherly gentleman allowed us to present the gospel to him and his family, wife, two daughters and a granddaughter. While there our local national presented the gospel and he and his entire family accepted Jesus as their savior. As we were ready to leave the grandfather asked me to

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“… epilepsy started right when he was two years of age. We were told that it cannot be cured with hospital medicines, so we opted for herbal treatment and after a couple of months all as right.  When he turned 12 this problem returned severely…” Samweli’s mother opens up to

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Deborah Robhi Nyangi is a twenty years lady, married as a second wife in a polygamous marriage of Mr. Juma Warioba. She was forced into this marriage by her father as soon as she completed her primary school studies four years ago. Robhi says her greatest quest has been to

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Rafael’s Incredible Faith

I’ve been holding onto this story. It had such a big impact on me that I wanted to selfishly hold onto it in private, but God has shown me time and time again that it is HIS story for me to share. Not mine. This is Rafael. He is 77

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Sacrificial Motherhood

I met a woman named Leah in Tanzania. Leah is a kind and gentle woman who welcomed us into her fabric shop for a visit. Leah told us that she had been working in Mchangani for more than 12 years as a seamstress. She had lived in another village in

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Bahati Thomas and His Family

Once scattered, now tied together by the love of Christ: In Kome Island, a place which for a long time has been described as a “lost island” of Lake Victoria, lives a man named Bahati Thomas. His life was in crisis, moving from one problem to another, and the villagers

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