Where am I? Why Am I here?

“Helping the likes of me to 

become what God designed them to be”

Israel Onesmo Masige slowly opened his eyes and peered at the wakening world around him. He shook his head to clear the fog. “Where am I? Why am I here?” he asked himself. Panic seized him, realizing he had spent the entire night outside. Now he remembered stumbling drunkenly toward home yesterday evening. Apparently, he’d slept where he’d fallen.

Israel rose unsteadily to his feet as other memories stirred within him. First, he thought of the many times people had shared the gospel with him and how he’d ignored them every time. Then, suddenly, he longed to go to church. Later that same day, Israel walked into a nearby church and prayed to accept Jesus as his savior. “From that day, I have never regretted my decision,” Israel affirmed.

Over a decade later, Israel served on a Twelve21 mission trip. “It was an amazing experience being surrounded by people who talk about Jesus, salvation, hope, and joy all the time,” he said. So when Twelve21 opened a school in Bukabwa in 2020, Israel joined what he calls “the family,” working as a security guard, groundskeeper, and storekeeper.

Himself, a father of five, Israel rejoices in the opportunity to touch the lives of forgotten, hopeless children. “I am among the children that could not get an education because of being born into a poor family. Working in this school gives me joy because I feel like I am helping the likes of me to become what God designed them to be,” Israel explained.

Israel sees “a transformed Bukabwa” when he compares the students to all the children he grew up with who couldn’t afford school. So he determines to ensure safe school facilities so these students can prosper in their current studies and future goals.

Get Involved

God is calling each of us to play a part as we engage, equip and empower the vulnerable in Tanzania to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives and communities. Everyone is called to pray. Some, like Israel, actively serve in our school, while others, like many of you, are called to give. It takes all of us.

Our schools in Tanzania are funded through the generosity of our ministry partners through our sponsorship program. But unfortunately, not all of our students have a sponsor.

This month, through our #30in30 — Sponsorship campaign: Will you sponsor a child from Bukabwa? With an investment of $38/month or $456/year, you can help rewrite their story. This investment provides them with uniform and school supplies, medical care, access to quality education, nourishing food, and the knowledge that someone loves them and wants to see them succeed.

What if individual stories could be rewritten? They are! What if you could help to rewrite their stories? You can! What if communities can become Godly and can start to flourish? They will, God willing!

With gratitude and hope!

Yusuph Emmanuel | Founder & CEO

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